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Service Launch on April 15

Intergrated Conferencing

Video, audio and web conferencing with application sharing. Point-to point and multi point collaboration with coworkers, partners and customers.

Conferencing in HD

High definition 1080p conferencing on your desktop,mobile,tablet and dedicated room systems. Telepresence like quality and experience.

Cloud Based Self Service

No administration,easy setup and use. Hosted and cloud based managed service with zero infrastructure and pay per use plans.

sifyvideomeet, hosted video conferencing service provides collaboration with a focus on Integrated Video, audio and Web conferencing. The service offers point-to-point and Multipoint Video conferencing bundled with capability to record and replay the conference across any location. You will have the capability to connect face-to-face with your colleagues and customers regardless of location and across divergent end points varying from mobile devices such as Smartphone to dedicated immersive systems such as Telepresence systems. This unique advantage of multiple end points bundled with support for rendering High definition video quality experience provides you alternatives in saving cost and hassles of travel. simplicity in setting up, inviting, document sharing, webcasting have no industry parallel.